Founder’s Day April 19

eventsEmployees of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America focused on the organization’s mission when they simultaneously celebrated Founder’s Day April 19.

They honored one of the individuals who started it all: Alice Kalb. Kalb dared to think differently, and it was her determination to be comfortably cared for that prompted the Presbyterian Synod of Kansas to break ground on the first PMMA location in Newton, Kansas.

Now a separate not-for-profit organization, PMMA includes 18 communities in Kansas and Missouri, and its employees still hold Kalb’s grit and passion dear; it has become a touchstone in their continued commitment to serve seniors.

During the first Founder’s Day celebration in 2011, and in many locations every year since, employees signed Promise Boards that list the pillars to PMMA’s mission of service:

  • Foremost, we respect and understand that seniors, as citizens and individuals, retain their rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;
  • We understand and promote our role in assisting residents with specific needs and desires;
  • We deliver compassionate services and attention – at all senior living levels;
  • We are a knowledgeable and trusted resource in matters related to seniors, their lifestyles, health and wellness options;
  • We serve as active advocates for all matters relating to seniors, their lifestyles and wellness options.